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  • Worm Castings

    Soil Microorganisms

    A spoonful of healthy soil contains millions of beneficial microscopic
    organisms of various kinds including beneficial species of bacteria, fungi,
    nematodes and protozoa that never cause disease or become pests.

    These helpful species perform vital “functions” in the root zone that will
    bring real benefits to gardeners and growers IF soil conditions are
    managed to allow microbes to live and function.

    Decaying matter (humus) loosens soil for improved root development. Humus enables the soil to better absorb and retain moisture and helps young plants to establish vigorous root systems earlier.

    During the decomposition process of organic matter, a continuous
    supply of carbon dioxide, nitrogen in various forms, phosphorous and
    other nutrients essential to plant growth are released.  Organic matter
    serves as a “storage facility” for mineral nutrients such as calcium,
    magnesium, potassium and many others, lessening the risk of nitrogen
    loss by leaching.

    These minerals and/or fertilizers are not always in a form available to
    plants.  It takes the action of soil microorganisms to release these
    nutrients, as your plants need them.  Beneficial microorganisms do
    nature’s job by:

    • Decomposing organic matter to humas and releasing plant
      food elements;
    • Breaking down minerals;
    • Working with enzymes and hormones in the soil for the
      plants to use.

    Different microorganisms perform important functions.
    These organisms break down plant and other remains in a highly
    systematic manner.

    Nurturing Nature Worm Castings are a proven means of increasing fundamental organic materials and processes to enhance microbial life in the soil, especially the beneficial bacteria and protozoa.

    Worm castings are the richest soil and plant supplement known. Worm castings stimulate microbial growth more than any other organic material, and are capable of assisting microbes in releasing minerals locked up in the soil to make them available to plants.

    Nurturing Nature Worm Castings work opposite of fertilizers in that their effect improves soil tilth with time instead of being rapidly depleted or becoming used up as the growing season progresses.


    The most significant benefit of using Nurturing Nature Worm Castings is their proven ability to stimulate the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms (the life) that helps build your soil.

    Completely SafeWorm Castings naturally occur in healthy soils.
      They are completely safe for our children, pets, soil and ground water.
      Worm castings will not harm our environment in any way.

    Increased Disease Suppression – By using Nurturing Nature Worm Castings you stimulate the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil. Beneficial organisms out compete, inhibit and consume bad organisms, creating more stress tolerant plants. The high levels of beneficial bacteria and fungi in Nurturing Nature's Worm Castings help out compete and fight off foliar plant diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew and blight.

    Increased Pest Resistance – Pest insects may prey on weak and unhealthy plants. When using Nurturing Nature Worm Castings you develop stronger and more stress resistant plants that are better able to resist attack of pest insects. Worm castings do not harm beneficial insects.

    Improve Soil Structure – Worm castings drastically improve soil structure.
     Good soil structure results in better moisture retention, allows plant roots
     to move easier through the soil and helps oxygen move into the soil. God
     soil structure is better able to withstand erosion and compaction.

    Improve the Soil’s Nutrient Retention – Worm Castings contain millions
     of soil microorganisms.  Soil microorganisms hold micronutrients in their
     bodies; therefore nutrients do not get leached out of the soil.  Worm
     castings, unlike animal manures and hot composts will not burn your plants.

    Make nutrients available to the plant when the plant needs them
     Most  of the nutrients that the plant needs, especially nitrogen, are
     converted into plant available forms by protozoa.  These microorganisms
     then recycle nutrients and feed your plants as needed.  As such, naturally
     occurring immediate, short and long term “slow release” of nutrients occur.

    Enhance Beneficial Soil Microbes – Nurturing Nature Worm Castings contain a high amount of organic material to stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Such beneficial bacteria and fungi help to increase root surface area and help break down soil nutrients for rapid uptake by plants.

    Allow for decomposition of toxic materials in the soil – The soil microorganisms stimulated by the use of Worm Castings break down both chemical and plant produced toxins. This reduces the build-up and leaching of such compounds into our ground waters.

    Healthy Soils Improve Crop Production and Quality
























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