Our vision is to support the organic industry through ethical business practices and become a leader in the production and supply of premium worm castings. Our goal is to provide a quality organic material that can be used to build more biodiverse soil, and has the ability to increase crop yields.



Gardening and specifically organic gardening is gaining in popularity with a wider segment of the population.  There is an increased public awareness of health concerns pertaining to current growing methods and indications of pending legislation that will severely restrict the application
of ‘quick fix’ fertilizers and pesticides. 

Soil scientists and microbiologists have discovered that healthy soil is teeming with life; bacteria, fungi, and a variety of microorganisms. The presence of these beneficial microorganisms must be present in the right ratios to make naturally occurring nutrients available for healthy plant growth. Nurturing Nature Organics uses biology to offer unique organic products packed with biodiversity to enhance traditional gardening practices and produce vigorous, resilient, and more stress tolerant plants without the use of harmful chemical additives.

Nurturing Nature Organics is a manufacturer and distributor of quality worm castings for use in organic crop production. Our key strengths have been the development and manufacturing of quality natural organic products, a growing organic market, increased public awareness of the benefits of 'going green' and organic growing methods and our dedication to our customers. 

Our organic soil amendments and potting soils are bagged and distributed to garden distributors, garden centres, greenhouses, hardware & building centres, grocery stores and specialty shops.  Worm castings are also sold in bulk to farmers, local greenhouses and nurseries. 

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